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What's the problem with Sun City Stucco?

In most cases, issues have been caused by improper application. Many of the practices that are in use today were not required/followed when these homes were built.

NOTE: Link is present at bottom of page with pictures/examples of deficiencies. 


  • No header flashing above windows/doors. 

  • Lack of expansion joints above/below windows.

  • Missing kick-out flashing. 

  • Stucco finish has been taken to grade. 

  • Missing flashing in roof valley(s).

  • Improper nailing pattern used when metal lathe was applied to wood sheathing.

  • Non-galvanized materials (nails/staples).  

  • Weep-screed for drainage has been covered by stucco. 


  • Satellite Dishes mounted on roof surface.

  • Elevated grading.

  • Screened patio/Lanai additions.

  • Decorative/Ornamental wall art mounted on siding.