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How can Blue Water help me?

While issues are commonly found during routine stucco inspections, this by no means indicates all of your siding is defective. In many cases issues are isolated and can be properly repaired without the need to re-clad your entire home. Are there instances where all the siding needs to be replaced...absolutely, but only as a last resort. 

Our goal is to ensure each one of our clients are treated fairly. During the inspection and repair process, we can work with you to ensure you are not taken advantage of. Rather than starting process by removing stucco entirely, we take the "wait and see" approach and have stucco gradually removed to determine extent of damage. 

Services Provided:

Free Consultation:
If you received a report, but have questions and/or concerns about findings, we would be more than happy to discuss them with you.

Are you unsure if you want invasive or non-invasive testing? Each has their benefits, it all depends on how far into process you want to go. Some people don't want holes probed in areas all around their home...and we get that, but at least you'll know your options.

2nd (maybe 3rd) Opinion:
It's not uncommon for discrepancies to occur during stucco inspections. These generally occur when items are flagged based on non-invasive methods. The only way to determine if moisture is present is to have it probed. 

Have you been told your stucco needs to be replaced but have doubts? We can further probe areas of concern to let you know how extensive damage may actually be. 

Combination invasive/non-invasive inspection:
This is our most common service. Home is scanned with both thermal camera and wall meter. Any anomaly or irregularity is then probed to verify if moisture is present. Upon completion of outside, inside of home is viewed to look for issues that could possibly indicate further issues such as stained flooring around walls that are common to exterior and in window openings. Finally, attic area is viewed so sheathing on gable walls can be viewed. 

Invasive inspection:
Easily the most accurate. This is generally reserved for those that already plan on having home repainted, or, who are on the fence about replacing all of their stucco. Probing is performed in all areas that are most prone to damage. Rather than filling probe holes with caulk, a stucco patch is used instead due to the amount of holes that are drilled.

Targeted probing:
If you have a particular area of concern, we can limit our inspection to that specific area. Whether it is staining, or maybe just a particular crack in stucco that you are concerned about...we can take a look for you.