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Do I need to replace ALL of my Stucco?

While this is necessary in some cases, it's unlikely. Prior to deciding you should consider the following:​

1. How extensive is damage?


If you think about it, how many homes have you driven by recently where entire wall of stucco has been removed but only a small amount of damage is present?


When most stucco inspections are generated, they only highlight area(s) of potential damage. Most inspectors do not take the time to do additional probes to find out exactly where issue starts and how far it extends.


I would recommend against agreeing to replace ALL of your stucco until you know exactly how extensive damage is.

2. How much can you afford? While replacing all your stucco would ideal to ensure everything is installed to current standards, not everyone has 30-50K to re-clad their entire home.  As long as the stucco contractor is properly trained, individual panels can be replaced (and properly water proofed) to prevent issues from occurring again in the future.

3. Is this being done for you, or for the intent of selling your home? If intent is for selling, sometimes replacing is the better option. Just keep in mind that entire cost to replace may not be recovered with sale of home.

4. I was told that replacing all of it (or an entire side) has to be done in order to receive a warranty?

If this is for you, it is an excellent option. However, if you intend on selling your house, be sure to read the fine print in contract to ensure it is transferable. 

Bottom line, do what you are most comfortable with. Buyers regret is unfortunate if you've already agreed to a large contract to replace all of your siding only to find not much wrong once work starts. If you have second thoughts, get a second opinion. It's a whole lot cheaper!